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  • Where is my order?
    We make orders as they come in which takes some time. We currently try to get orders in and shipped out within two weeks.
  • Does it ever take longer than two weeks?
    Yes! If you requested a custom order that required material not on hand, your order could be delayed. We will always let you know about this delay ASAP. If you order ever takes longer than two weeks to ship, we add in something extra for your wait.
  • Why did I get an extra pair of earrings?!
    Occassionally, orders get delayed and as a thank you for your wait, we send out an extra goodie for you.
  • Do you offer a way to get a rush order?
    While we can't always accomodate a rush order, you can certainly contact us and tell us what you need. Why have sent orders out faster for birthdays or last minute shoppers. We can only help you if we know though! Don't every choose express shipping without letting us know. Express simply means it will ship faster when we get it done.
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